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Repacking Valves

Whether you are repacking a tap, radiator valve or a gate valve the procedure is the same. However you cannot use regular p.t.f.e tape on potable water.



  • Turn off the water supply to the valve your working on.


  • Drain off water to the valve being repacked.


  • Turn the valve off (by turning clockwise) so the spindle goes into the valve.


  • Undo the top/cover and remove so access is easier.


  • Undo and remove gland securing nut (the nut holding the spindle).


  • Remove old packing/washer that was under the nut at base of spindle.


  • Replace with new washer or a suitable material like p.t.f.e. tape.


  • Put valve back together.


  • Fill and check for leaks.


Job Done!