PVC Pipe Gun

By Go-Repairs

Cut Overflow Pipe
Holes for Rubber Stop
Insert Paper Clip

Step 1

Start by cutting a piece of pipe slightly longer than your hand (mine was approx 13cm), making sure to remove any burred edges.

Next we are going to add a stopper that we’re going to make from a paper clip. We’ll start by putting four small holes in one end of the pipe. You can do this by using a small drill bit or by heating up a paper clip to burn through a hole.

Put the four holes across from each other. If you slightly stagger the holes then it will accept wider ammo. Now simply feed your paper clip through the holes until it looks like mine.

Rubber Bands
Insert Rubber Band
Dangle Rubber Band Ends
Fold Over Rubber Band
Add Coupling

Step 2

Select your rubber band to use, whether your cutting it from a strip or the tradition loop type.

Next feed your rubber band over the stop by putting the two ends through the two gaps. You should end up with the rubber wrapped around the paper clip, with other two ends of the band dangling free from the pipe. You can pull the paper clip tight to the pipe if you haven’t already and bend the ends out of the way. Now simply take a coupling and add it to the pipe trapping the ends of the rubber band.

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