Pringles Can Speaker

By Go-Repairs

Cut a piece of paper 3cm high and long enough to wrap around the magnets.
Tightly wrap the paper around the magnets.
Wrap a second piece of paper around the first. When done the two pieces should be able to slide over each other.

Step 1

Firstly cut a strip of paper about 3cm in height, from that strip cut a small piece long enough to wrap around a stack of magnets the same height. Ensure the paper is snugly wrapped and then tape into position. Repeat the process, putting another piece of paper around the first one and again securing with some sticky tape. These paper tubes should slide over each other freely.

Tape enamelled wire to the outer piece of paper and start the coil.
Going down only a third of the tube should be enough.
When the coil is done secure it into position with some sticky tape.
Remove the inner paper tube and magnets when coil is done.

Step 2

Take your enamlled wire and tape it to the outer paper, now carefully coil the wire around. Coil it until it's about a third of the way down, remember to keep the wire close together as you wrap it around. When you've gone far enough use another piece of sticky tape to secure into position. Give yourself plenty of wire for both connections of the coil, you can always trim these later if they are too long.

Once your copper coil is secured you can remove the inner paper tube and stack of magnets.

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