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Pringles Can Speaker

By Go-Repairs

Pringles occasionally run a promotion where you get a speaker for the can. But why bother with all that, when you can make your own speaker from the Pringles can.

Pringles Can Speaker

List of materials:


  • Some enamelled wire

  • Some sticky tape

  • A piece of A4 paper

  • A stack of magnets

  • Some old headphones

  • And an empty can of Pringles


Tools Needed:


  • Junior hacksaw

  • Safety pin

  • A pair of scissors

  • A measuring tape

Materials Needed

nextarrow Pringles Can Speaker. Materials needed are some enamelled wire, a piece of A4 paper, sticky tape, a stack of magnets and an empty can of Pringles. Tools needed are a junior hacksaw, a pair of scissors, a tape measure and a safety pin. You'll need some old headphone wire to test the speakers.