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How To Remove Labels From Jars

By Go-Repairs

It always seems a waste to just recycle your glass jars or glass bottles. But you don't want the label on and you know removing it is going to take awhile and make a mess.


Well with our easy method you can remove those glass jar and glass bottle labels with little or no mess.

Easy Way Of Removing Labels From Glass

LIst of materials:


  • Glass container with label to be removed (glass bottle or glass jar)

  • Means of boiling water (a kettle or sauce pan will do)

  • Water (for boiling)


You'll also need enough finger nail to scratch one edge.




  • Sponge scourer

  • White Spirit

Materials Needed

nextarrow How to remove a label from a glass container A kettle, a foam cleaning pad, a glass jar and a bottle of White Spirit