How To Lock Pick

By Go-Repairs

When the key is inserted the pins line up allowing the barrel to turn

How a lock works

To understand how to pick a lock, you first need to understand how a lock works. Inside the barrel of the lock there are split pins which are loaded by springs. Without the proper key these pins prevent the barrel from turning and thus opening the lock. When the correct key is inserted into the lock the pins all line up to their shear line, allowing the lock to turn. The shear line is the point where the pins will split allowing the barrel to turn.

First of all you need to get used to the tools for lock picking and what you use them for. They can be all different shapes and sizes but they perform one of two tasks. They will either apply torsion to the lock or be used to tumble the pins.

We'll go over the most common three tools you may use from the lock picking tool set.

The torque wrench is used to apply torsion to the lock barrel, providing you a ledge with which to catch the pins on.

A hook pick is used to jump the pins one by one, giving you the greatest control.

A rake pick is used to jump up several pins at once in the hope of catching them.

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