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How To Copper Plate a Nail

By Go-Repairs

This is a simple experiment you can easily replicate at home using things you may find around the house. It's something people of all skill levels can do and can be a fun little experiement to do with the kids.

Give your iron nail a copper coat

List of materials:


  • Oxidised Copper -  copper coins or copper fittings, should be dull indicating it's oxidised

  • Weak Acid Solution - white vinegar or lemon juice is best to see results

  • Salt

  • A Glass container - best for seeing the results

  • Wire wool or other abrasive cleaner.

  • An iron nail - not galvanised

Materials Needed

nextarrow Materials are a glass container, wire wool, iron nail, some lemons and some dull copper pennys Salt How to copper coat a nail