Homemade Leyden Jar

By Go-Repairs

Cut around something circular.
The circular foil base should be wider than your container.
Cut slits into circular foil and fold like a bowl.
Glue base into place ensuring in goes up the sides.

Step 1

Firstly make sure your container is clean and free of labels. Cut one circular piece of Aluminium, slightly wider than the diameter of your container. I used a bowl because it was big enough for my needs. Cut slits around the edge of the circular Aluminium piece, these are so you can overlap them. When you've done cutting your foil it should look like a flower head with petals. Curl the petals of the Aluminium until it looks a bit like a bowl. Now glue the base section in place, making sure you go partway up the wall.

Measure for inside and outside pieces.
Measure for inside and outside pieces.
Make sure inside piece overlaps the base plate.
Flatten out any air bubbles for a better contact.

Step 2

Now measure and cut two rectangular sheets of Aluminium, big enough to wrap inside and outside of your container, these should slightly overlap. Then you can put the Aluminium on the inner and outer walls and glue them into place. Ensure your inner wall connection overlaps the base section. Also make sure your Aluminium foil is nice and flat against the surfaces, remove any air pockets where necessary.

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