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Hand Wipe Capacitor

By Go-Repairs

There comes a time in every mad scientist's life when their invention will require capacitors. They have to look cool, show off how inventive you are and pay homage to earlier inventors. Shop bought capacitors just won't cut the mustard. No, you need Leyden jars.

Leyden Jars

List of materials:


  • A plastic hand wipe jar

  • Aluminium foil

  • Glue

  • PVC pipe

  • A plug chain

  • Metal washers

  • A piece of wire

  • A plastic shopping bag

Materials Needed

nextarrow Materials need: Aluminium, glue an empty hand wipe jar and a PVC pipe. Your also going to need a plstic shopping bag, a piece of insulated wire, some metals washers and a sink plug chain. Hand Wipe Capacitor