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Emergency Candles

By Go-Repairs

This one provides a snack AND a candle. Open your Baby Bell as usual, but instead of discarding the shell, squeeze it around one of your wicks. Now take some of your Aluminium and wrap it around, then flatten the bottom to make a holder. Now your hands are free to snack on the cheese.

Butter Candle

Baby Bell Candle

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If your into cooking, chances are you have a stick of butter lying around. But did you know you could use it as a candle? Simply cut your stick of butter in half, put a hole in it with a spoon handle and insert one of your wicks. Just remember to smear the exposed part of the wick with butter before lighting.


You can even keep it in it's wrapping, as the flame should be far enough away to avoid burning the sides or you could wrap it in Aluminium foil. One thing to note is this only works with butters with high fat contents. If your using a low fat butter, chances are your out of luck and your butter won't stay lit.

Use a spoon handle to make a hole in the butter. Put in your wick making sure it goes all the way down. Butter Candle Take off the wax shell from a Baby Bell cheese. Baby Bell Candle Add more wax shell for a bigger candle. Squeeze the wax shell around a wick.