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Emergency Candles

By Go-Repairs

It's a good idea to be prepared for anything, but in a situation where you've been caught short, it's those that can adapt who will survive.


In this article we're going to show you how to make 6 forms of emergency candles with stuff you may have around your home.


These aren't going to be pretty, but they will give you light and heat. These designs are based around the same idea as the candle and when looking for materials to make your candle from remember - wax and fat are your friends.


STAY SAFE. Remember to take necessary safety precautions, as fire can cause damage to you, others and property.

6 Emergency Candles

Candles need wicks to maintain their flame, so here we have three improvised wicks you could make.


Cotton string: You may have this to wrap presents, do crafts or tie up a roast. But they make great little wicks.


Cotton strips: Find an old t shirt or similar piece of material that you know is 100% cotton and simply cut a strip to use as a candle wick.


Soft tissue paper: In a pinch you can use toilet paper, paper tissues or even kitchen roll. Their absorbent qualities mean they are good wicks. Simply twist the paper to make a wick.


If you want your wick to stand up then use a metal paper clip. Bend the clip so it has a steady base and a point that sticks out. Skewer your wick over the part that sticks out and your wick will stay up.

Emergency wicks

nextarrow Emergency Wicks Strip of cotton from t shirt, rolled up kitchen paper and a roll of string. Emergency Wick Stands Make sure wick goes all the way down into the candle. Skewer wick onto stand. Homemade Emergency Candles