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DIY Freezing Kit

By Go-Repairs

Today I want to give you the super power to freeze things. I'm going to show you how to make your own version of a commercially available product, with the only difference being your will be cheaper. This product serves one purpose, but hopefully the information gained within the article will inspire you for other applications.


This information is for education and entertainment purposes. Do not use in a dangerous or illegal way. Use of any or all information from this article is done so entirely at your own risk. Stay safe.

Freezing Kit

Materials Needed:


  • Can of air/air duster (it's called "air" but it doesn't contain air)

  • Pipe lagging

  • A bin bag

  • Some cable ties



Tools Needed:



  • Junior hacksaw (or other cutting tool for cutting lagging and cable ties)

Materials Needed

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