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DIY Electric Lockpick

By Go-Repairs

Following on from a previous article where we showed you how to make lockpicks from old hacksaw blades, we're now going to show you how to make an electric pick you can use them with.


Don't use this in anyway that would be illegal. This makeshift electric lockpick is no substitute for a professionally built electric lock-picking tool, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

It's not quite as good as a Sonic screwdriver, but it should open a few locks.

Materials Needed:


  • Electric Shaver (Ideally with removable head if you still want to use it as a shaver afterwards)

  • Metal Washers (Penny washer, x2 M5 flat washers, x2 M5 serrated washers, M4 pan head machine screw and nut)

  • Super Glue

  • Pick



Tools Need:


  • Sharp knife

Materials Needed

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