Cola Can Battery

By Go-Repairs

Open the can
Pour contents into a cup and put to one side, we'll be using this in awhile.
Remove the top of the cola can with a can opener.
Keep the top of the cola can, I'll show you a use for it in another article.

Step 1

Open your can of cola and pour the contents into a cup, put it to one side we'll be using it in awhile. Now using a can opener cut off the top of the can, put the top to one side. I'll show you a use for that in another article. Now clean and dry the inside of the can.

We need to clean and dry the inside of the can and remove the plastic coating.
Scrub off the coating with wire wool
You can speed things up by using a drill and spade bit.
Put something down to catch any bits or do it over a bin. Clean the inside of the can when done.

Step 2

The inside of the can has a protective plastic coating that we need to remove, so use your wire wool and get scrubbing. I found a way to speed this process up was to use a drill. Stuff a load of wire wool into the can and use a spade bit to rapidly turn it. Be careful not to apply too much pressure as you don't want to go through the can. Make sure you clear out any left over wire wool before you move on.

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