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Consider following when choosing a wash basin: 


  • Always select the basin before the tap fittings. This is because some taps won't fit on certain basins.


  • If you’re going to have a set of concealed mixers and wall-hung w.c's, make sure the surface your fixing to is structuraly stable before you start to fix. One way to get round this is to build a false wall.


  • Basins containing glass in their design are easily chipped and repairs are expensive. Make sure you choose a robust design if you are concerned. Also when selecting a glass basins, check that the glass is tempered.


  • Ceramic is a lot easier to maintain compared to either glass or stainless steel.  


  • Check if they have tap holes. Some don't dependant on the design.


  • Handcrafted basins are popular with some people as they can be tailor made in any shape or size to fit into any space, being coloured to match your unique decors.


  • Most wall-mounted basins are cheap and easy to install and ideal for tight spaces.