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Basin Removal & Refix



  • Turn off the water to both the cold and hot taps.


  • Drain the pipework to both taps.


  • Place a container under the waste trap to catch any leaking water then disconnect the waste from the basin.


  • Repeat this on the tap connectors.


  • Undo screws holding the basin in place.


  • Carefully remove the basin.


Job Done!

In this section we will cover how to properly remove and then refix your basin. Be careful when handling so as not to crack or chip the basin.



  • Check condition of seal on pedestal (plumbers mait - if the basin has a pedestal) and renew if necessary.


  • Reposition and refix basin to wall. Make sure you use a rubber washer or something similar when screwing the basin back to the wall. This will prevent the basin from being damaged at this point.


  • Reconnect waste and tap connectors.


  • Fill and check for leaks.


Job Done!



As was mentioned, use a washer made of either plastic or rubber and do not over tighten the screws securing the basin. Otherwise the basin may chip or even split at these fixing holes.


We use plumbers mait between the basin and the pedestal as it is a non setting sealant. It acts as a bumper between the two and stops them damaging each other by rubbing together.


Check the condition of washers on wastes and tap connectors before you put the basin back and replace if needed.