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Air Vent Bleed Valve

There are two main types of this valve:


Automatic Valves



  • They let air out of the system by themselves.



  • They usally cost more.

  • They are physically bigger.

  • Sometimes due to fair wear and tear there bodies stop sealing and they leak.



  • Isolate the radiator at both ends. (i.e turn off both valves)


  • Drain off some of the water in the radiator: either by loosening the valve to be replaced or slackening off a tail union. In both cases catching the water in a suitable container.


  • Slacken off (anti-clockwise) the valve your replacing, if water is stiill present, drain more off if not remove completely.


  • Screw in (clockwise) new valve tighten up everything you've loosened.Turn both valves back on and fill up by bleeding.


  • Check for leaks.


Job Done!

Manual Valves



  • Cheaper.

  • Simple to use.

  • Not much to go wrong.



  • You have to bleed yourself.

  • Losing the pin will cause it to leak.